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AIEW Associated Independent Electrical Wholesalers teams up with GEWA

AIEW continues with its remarkable and exciting progress towards becoming the UK’s leading electrical purchasing consortium for the truly independent electrical wholesaler. Europe is becoming an ever increasing influence in the British market, both in the way wholesalers trade in the market place and the way suppliers trade with them. Most major suppliers/manufactures have a global influence and many are based in mainland Europe. It is therefore essential AIEW is able to reach the decision makers within the hub of the European influence.

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AIEW Management Team
Andrew Dunning, Andy Gardner & Elaine Lamb

With this in mind AIEW is delighted to announce a major step forward for the group in its association with

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Global Electric Wholesaler Association (GEWA)

Like AIEW, GEWA is relatively young, dynamic and rapidly growing; GEWA is an association of major wholesalers groups from Italy, Portugal, Spain and France and now the UK.
GEWA is likely to add further purchasing groups across Europe in the near future. AIEW will retain its name and full independence. It will work closely and in partnership with GEWA for the benefit of the AIEW membership and that of GEWA’s other European Electrical Purchasing Consortia .
AIEW was the first choice for GEWA when looking for a UK partner to enhance GEWA’s position in the market place. AIEW is looking forward to working with GEWA and its considerable European membership. AIEW expects that major supplier partnerships currently being negotiated will be enhanced and the process quickened through GEWA membership and this exciting development will lead to new opportunities for members. Since its inception in 2001 AIEW has introduced many firsts within the industry such as:

  • Free to member product catalogue and web based electronic catalogue
  • Free to member Human Resources support and advice including employee contracts and much more
  • Free to member customer credit checks
  • Free to member IT and Web advice
  • Free to member Web based communication for member to member and member to Head Office uses.

AIEW prides its self in being non bureaucratic and having a non interference approach towards its members, concentrating solely on methods of increasing its member’s profits through better discounts, extended trading terms and supplier rebates, leaving its membership to concentrate on developing their own businesses.
AIEW has developed strong working partnerships with most leading suppliers thus opening doors to members that otherwise might be closed. AIEW’s management team looks forward enthusiastically to the further opportunities their association with GEWA will bring in continuing this process.
If you are an independent electrical wholesaler and would like to share in the new opportunities this will bring, along with all other benefits currently in place, AIEW would welcome the opportunity to discuss what membership can add to your business - contact.